Khóa Thiền Quán Đặc Biệt 2008

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Khóa Thiền Quán Đặc Biệt 2008

Khóa Thiền Quán Đặc Biệt 2008

Những bài pháp của Khóa Thiền Đặc Biệt (Vipassana Meditation Retreat) ngày 17-5 đến 29-6 2008 do Ngài Thiền Sư Sayadawgyi U Pandita giảng dạy.


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Tiếng Việt

May 17 Opening Ceremony real , mp3
May 17 Two extremes and the middle path real , mp3
May 18 Avoiding the two extremes with the three trainings real , mp3
May 19 Realizing the Dhamma, one sees the Buddha. real , mp3
May 20 Buddha's answers to Upaka's questions real , mp3
May 21 Buddha, the conqueror of all real , mp3
May 22 Dhammacakka real , mp3
May 23 To be true sons and daughters of the Buddha real , mp3
May 24 Good in the beginning, middle and the end. real , mp3
May 25 Without practice, one does not see the Buddha real , mp3
May 26 Developing eight fold noble path with satipatthana real , mp3
May 27 Sati of good quality real , mp3
May 28 Characteristic, function, manifestation and proximate cause of sati real , mp3
May 29 Pamada and 8 kinds of madness real , mp3
May 30 To be free from enmity and danger real , mp3
May 31 Gross form of pamada real , mp3
June 1 Gross and medium pamada real , mp3
June 2 Letting oneself go freely on sensual objects real , mp3
June 3 Unique happiness that surpasses the worldly happiness real , mp3
June 4 Talk by Sayadaw Ashin Nandasiri real , mp3
June 5 Cutting the currents real , mp3
June 6 Dana Perfection real , mp3
June 7 Systematic dana opens the path of morality real , mp3
June 8 Observing Sila, one protects others from being hurt real , mp3
June 9 Factors that determine the class of one's sila real , mp3
June 10 Avoiding refined form of pamada real , mp3
June 11 Kilesabhumi real , mp3
June 12 Hidden meaning of Dhamma real , mp3
June 13 Two at a blow real , mp3
June 14 Discerning profound dhamma by removing hindrances real , mp3
June 15 Removal of defilements connecting to systematic practice real , mp3
June 16 Living Buddha + Dhammaceti real , mp3
June 17 Disrespect and discontinuity in the practice is pamada real , mp3
June 18 Requisites of enlightenment real , mp3
June 19 The essence of Buddha's teachings real , mp3
June 20 Noting pain with courageous effort real , mp3
June 21 Giving up the duty is pamada real , mp3
June 22 Not pursuing practice is pamada real , mp3
June 23 Appamada real , mp3
June 24 Giving up a needle in order to gain an axe real , mp3
June 25 Accomplishing by having appamada real , mp3
June 26   real , mp3
June 27   real , mp3
June 28   real , mp3
June 29   real , mp3

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